Victoria Vanessa Audrey Licht (birth name Reich) was born on May 29th in 1989 in Gernsbach, Germany and grew up in Bonn. She has been entertaining audiences from an early age. Already at the age of 4 she started singing and performing and took part in several theater school productions during her high school time. She also sang in different concerts and performed at several events. After graduating from highschool she started her stage career by attending Stage School for professional artists in Hamburg followed by a study of the performing arts at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and lots of musical theater and acting master classes in the United States.

During her time of studying she already performed on stage as a soloist in the Laeiszhalle and Engelsaal Hamburg as well as in several Monday Night shows at the Altonaer Theater Hamburg and different stage productions like “One touch of Venus” (director: Reinhardt Friese), “Amour” (director: Gil Mehmert) or “Nobody said it’s gonna be easy” (directed by Victoria Reich).

Victoria is currently working as an actress on TV, musical-, pop- and country singer and also as a director for imagefilms for different customers.

In 2017 she got to play the main character of Europe’s most popular soap opera “Storm of Love” that is broadcasted in more than 10 countries. She got the role of Ella Kessler in season 13.

Victoria’s latest project was the movie “Rosamunde Pilcher” that was shooted in Cornwall, England. She played the character Valerie Payne.

Apart from being an actress and a director she gives acting classes and works as an audition coach helping young people to prepare themselves for the entrance exams for the school they want to apply to.

For more information please download the CV pdf file.